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Floral Subscription

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Amber Flowers' floral subscription service is created to celebrate the beauty of the season's best flower varieties and make it easier than ever to enjoy them in your home or office, or to gift a loved one! 

All of the flowers will be custom and made with the freshest and highest quality seasonal flowers available! 


Classic Subscription Plan: Small selection of season's floral favourites that are fit for any occasion.

Premium Subscription Plan: Medium arrangement that celebrates the beauty of the seasons with hand picked varieties chosen with freshness and popularity in mind. 

Luxe Subscription Plan: Large arrangement, guaranteed to impress this high-end plan includes arrangements designed with the finest of flowers to create a modern, elegant look every time. 


Why subscribe? 

  • You'll save more money! (We won't charge you for the vase!) 
  • Help lower our environmental impact! (Each of our subscribers will have 2 vases allocated to them and we'll just swap them with each delivery and that helps lower the number of vases used and therefore helps lower waste!)
  • Enjoy a variety of different flowers with each delivery! 

Your flowers will be delivered every Monday between 12pm to 7pm  (if your office closes at 5pm please reach out to us directly and we'll help accommodate a different delivery time for you!)


For the freshest experience we recommend our weekly option! 


How to take care of your flowers: 

  • Keep them in a cool area
  • Water them everyday (1 Teacup/Day) 


If you are looking to add anything additional to your order please contact us directly and we'd be more than happy to help!