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Orchid Subscription

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Monthly Orchid subscriptions are a great way to add an elegant live plant element to your home, front desk, coffee table, or conference room.

Deliveries are made on a monthly basis. 

All of the Orchids are guaranteed fresh throughout the month on-site. Vases are rental items and are swapped out each month when fresh plants arrive. Each month your orchids arrive in a variety of modern containers and are dressed up with mosses, stones, branches and other decorative elements. 


Why subscribe? 

  • You'll save more money! (We won't charge you for the vase!) 
  • Help lower our environmental impact! (Each of our subscribers will have 2 vases allocated to them and we'll just swap them with each delivery and that helps lower the number of vases used and therefore helps lower waste!)
  • Enjoy a variety of different flowers with each delivery! 


For the freshest experience we recommend our weekly option! 


How to take care of your flowers: 

  • Keep them in a cool area
  • Water them once a week (Half a cup/Orchid) 


If you are looking to add anything additional to your order please contact us directly and we'd be more than happy to help!